BLACKWING ERAS - 2022 Edition


We made a limited number of these sets to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Blackwing’s revival.


Blackwing Eras is our homage to the past and celebration of the future of Blackwing.

This special limited edition dedicated to 2022 celebrates the return of pencils to the market after a long absence.

Each set includes 12 special edition pencils inspired by some of the earliest Blackwings ever produced.
The barrel is dark gray, decorated with a gold tip with a silver arrow, which refers to the appearance of the Blackwing pencil of the mid-20th century, gold lettering and a red eraser. It has the hardest graphite.

The Blackwing Eras is a special limited edition pencil not included in the Volumes program.

Material | Cedar wood

Graphite | Extra Firm

Package quantity | 12 pencils

Package | Paper box

Made in Japan

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