Zestaw do kaligrafii Brause No.1

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A set for those who starts their journey with calligraphy.

The set includes one wooden nib holder and six nibs: 1x Cito Fein, 1x Steno, 1x Pfannen and 3x Banzug.

Cito Fein is a very flexible type of nib, and at the same time very thin (0,3 mm), perfect for sketching precise lines.

Steno or Blue Pumpkin is a type of shorthand nib, that is great for Copperplate style of writting. It is thin and flexible, and can storage great amount of ink.

Pfannen is 0,45 mm thin. It is perfect to sketching strong and precise lines.

Bandzung is right side cut and flexible. It will help you to sketch both thick and thin lines. You will find three sizes of nibs: 3mm, 2 mm and 1 mm.

The set is packed into elegant paper envelope.

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Zestaw do kaligrafii Brause No.1

Zestaw do kaligrafii Brause No.1

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