Nib for Calligraphy Brause Bandzung 0,75 mm

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German Brause Bandzung nib made of stainless steel is perfect for rounded lettering, such as Roman, Italic and Gothic.



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Brause is a German manufacture that from 1850 specialize with production of high quality nibs for calligraphy.

All nibs are manufactured from cold rolled steel and pressed with tools specific to each model and nib size. 

All this make that nibs are confidered by many artists, calligraphers and illustrarors as one of the best available on the market.

A square nib type Bandzung is right side cut and flexible. It will help you to sketch both thick and thin lines.  Perfect for rounded (Roman, Italic, Gothic) lettering. Ink reservoir on top.

Material | Steel

Thickness | 0,75 mm

Made in Germany

New product