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Clairefontaine notebooks are the symbol of the highest quality and care for natural environment.

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Clairefontaine is best known for making the first school notebooks in France. The first paper mill is operating since 1858, and the company started producing stationery in 1890. Clairefontaine is currently the only European manufacturer making its own papers for its own products. It also become a symbol of the highest quality. The company combines tradition and simultaneously moves with time and responses to demands of present users, what they prove by manufacturing their products from beginning to end in harmony with the natural environment, as they look after hundred of acres of French forests and take an active part in its sustainable development.

Kenzo Takada collection is a tribute to the one of the most famous and gifted Japanese designer.
The artist's boundless creativity was exhibited daily through his passion for design, and was displayed in many dierent forms such as painting and calligraphy.

The Kenzo Takada Box set is a one-of-a-kind proposition, combining all the necessary writing accessories, suitable for both faithful enthusiasts and beginners.

Inside you will find:

- a lineed notebook in hard cover in A5 format,
- a plain notebook in hard cover in A6 format,
- a pad with Clairefontaine Maya Paper,
- 10 sheets of letter paper and 10 envelopes,
- a glass calligraphy machete,
- a J. Herbin scented candle,
- a 10 ml bottle of J. Herbin Shogun ink.  

Maya paper by Clairefontaine is deeply colored, does not fade, has a smooth surface on the front and back, and is acid-free.
This paper has a wide range of uses, perfect for greeting cards, scrapbooking, book binding, illustrations, decoupage and collages.

Shogun Ink is a tribute to Kenzo Takada and his work by the J. Herbin brand. The Herbin Shogun Ink by Kenzo Takada twilight-coloured ink, reminiscent of a beautiful night of stars, is coated with fine red and gold glitter. The resulting hue is reminiscent of certain armours from the Shogun era, for which Kenzo Takada held a fine appreciation.

The whole set is packed in a beautiful, decorative box with a magnet, signed by Kenzo Takada.

Material | Paper

Dimensions | 298 x 178 x 108 mm

Made in Maroko

1 Item

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