Craft Design Technology Jabara Letter Set Red

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Unique paper set by Craft Design Technology in collaboration with Haibara dedicated for those who like writing letters while travelling.

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Craft Design Technology is famous thanks to its ingenuity and unusual solutions, that they successfully combine with Japanese tradition and heritage.

This unique letter set is the effect of CDT collaboration with Haibara, a firm with more than 200 years of experience in paper manufacturing.

In one set you can find 10 envelopes and perforated sheet of paper with green lines, that is folded like an accordion. What makes you decide how long letter you want to write and when you want to wrap it up.

Such solution is just perfect for those who like writing letters while travelling.

Set is available in red color.

Package diamentions | 210x95x20 mm

Envelopes diamentions | 210x95x20 mm

Paper diamentions | 20x90 mm

Made in Japan

item 30
New product
5 Items
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