CDT Brush Sign Pen

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The most popular brush pen Sign Pen in new design by Craft Design Technology!

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The Pentel Sign Pen was born in 1963 with the idea of creating an easy-to-use, everyday pen that would become a customer favorite. Having actively fulfilled its mission in over 100 countries and regionsbeyond Japan since its release, this writing implement is getting a new look that breathes the Craft Design Technology aesthetic. While its graceful and long-lasting design remains untouched, the penbody has taken on the traditional Japanese color of 'Byakuroku (a fresh, whitish green)' and is delicately accented by a matte silver logo, offering a slightly different flavor to the classic Sign Pen. The pen’s best feature is its moderately flexible pen tip that enables characteristic gently curved lines. With this pen tip, users can naturally addvariation to each stroke, creating tasteful letters and lines with distinct stops, tapered edges and sweeping curves. The pen uses a bright water-based ink and is available in a wide selection of ten colors including gray and pink, in addition to the regular black, red, blue and green. Potential uses are diverse, ranging from business meetings and messages to handwritten exploration through calligraphy. Also it is perfect for gift.

Material | Plastic

Dimensions | 130 x 7 mm

Made in Japan

item 52
New product
6 Items

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