Delfonics Mecanical Pencil

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It looks like an ordinary, wooden pencil at first glance, but do not let be tricked!

Inside a mechanical, push system is implemented without damaging the hexagonal, wooden barrel. 

While simple, the playful design that the pen tip was treated like a pencil.

It is easy to grasp, it is also recommended for small children.

It is convenient for gifts for everyday use, with both male and female designs. 

Available in 11 unique colors.

Supplied with 0,5 mm lead.

Material|  Wood

Size |  163 × 8 × 25 mm
Lead | 0,5 mm

Made in Japan

Width : 0.5 mm
Rodzaj : Mechaniczny

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Delfonics Mecanical Pencil

Delfonics Mecanical Pencil

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