Delfonics Bookmark Clips Writing Instruments

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  • Fountain Pen
  • Ballpoint Pen

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It is a useful item that combines the two functions of ruler and clip with one.

It is thin and light stainless steel material, and it's smooth to carry.

It does not take up space even bulky in a notebook or notebook and it is not bulky.

The clip part has strength and plenty of length, so you can secure the document firmly.
When clipping it is a design that the letter "HERE" can be seen above.

It is also recommended to use it as a bookmark of books and books as well as organizing documents.

Availabe in two patterns - a fountain pen and ballpoint pen.

It is a must-have of every hand writting lover!

Material | Stainless steel

Size | 23x88 mm  
Made in Japan

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Delfonics Bookmark Clips Writing Instruments

Delfonics Bookmark Clips Writing Instruments

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