Esterbrook Fountain Pen Estie Botanical Garden Gold Trim


An elegant fountain pen from the iconic American brand Esterbrook.

Esterbrook Fountain Pen Nib

Esterbrook is an American brand founded in 1858, which has been a part of American history for more than 150 years. Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon B. Johnson, or John F. Kennedy are just some of the prominent American political figures who used these pens in their work. The Esterbrook brand has also been chosen by artists, and Donald Duck or the "Peanuts" comic book series were created using its writing instruments. 

The Esterbrook brand with its products is inspired by the past, which is always part of the present. For more than 150 years, the brand has been cultivating the values of craftsmanship, original designs and top quality workmanship, which makes its products satisfy the most demanding fountain pen enthusiasts.  

Esterbrook Estie Botanical Garden is a garden enclosed in a fountain pen! The warm colors that make up the body of the pen were inspired by a sunny spring garden. The multitude of colors creates a floral kaleidoscope from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. The pen has gold-plated finishes.

The acrylic body has been carefully polished which gives it an elegant shine. 

The Estie pen has a gold-colored finish.

Esterbrook fountain pens have a double cushion cap closure system, which prevents the ink from drying out.

Esterbrook Estie pens are perfectly balanced which provides exceptional writing comfort.

The nibs in Esterbrook pens are manufactured in Germany with the utmost care. Each nib is laser-engraved with the brand name.The nibs found in Esterbrook pens are manufactured in Germany with the utmost care. Each nib is laser-engraved with the brand name. The Custom series, is a collection of hand-sawn nibs. Among them are:

-Journaler, with a medium-thick line drawn with a rounded stub,

-Scribe, which draws lines of two thicknesses - a thin vertical line and a thicker horizontal line,

-Needlepoint with a line thinner than the EF nib,

-Techo, which draws the thinner the line, the higher the nib's contour.  

The pen has a dual filling system, so we can use both cartridges and a converter with it. The pen comes with a Schmidth brand universal converter.

You can read more about the Esterbrook brand on our blog.

Weight | 24 g

Length of the pen with cap | 15 cm

Length of the pen without cap | 12.7 cm

The fountain pens are packaged in elegant gift boxes. 

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