ICONIC Lively Diary 2019

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ICONIC is gifted in creating items unique in every detail. 

ICONIC Lively Diary 2019 combines both, monthly planner and weekly calendar.

It consists of 176 pages in which we will find a year calendar for 2019 and 2020 (a pages), year planner (2 pages), monthly planner (26 pages), weekly calendar (116 pages), colourful pages for notes (10 pages), and gridded pages (8 pages).

Weekly calendar is divided into seven sections, one per one day.

Paper used in the calendar has a basis weight of 100 grams, and is recommended for those who write with a ballpoint pen or pencil.

Diary is protected with additional cover made of PVC, which ensures that our diary will not be destroyed by any stain or tear. The cover has a pen holder.

What is more, inside we can find a ribbon book mark.

Available in eight colourful cover patterns.

Dimensions | 140x195x12 mm

Material | Paper

Cover | PVC

Diary basis | Weekly

Language | English

Made in Korea 

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ICONIC Lively Diary 2019

ICONIC Lively Diary 2019

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