KAWECO Special Fountain Pen Black

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  • F
  • EF
  • BB
  • B
  • M


Office pencils of the 30‘s are Kaweco's models for this development.

The products are made of octagonal ALU profile following the drafts of Kaweco.

The octagonal profile is sleekly in ones hand and combines technique with classic design.

But what makes series Special unusual is the length of 140 mm.

With it Kaweco is closing a gap in the market and satisfies the need for a high end office line.

Steel nib with iridium point. 

Filled in ink cartridges and converter.

Nib sizes EF/F/M/B/BB

Length - capped | 140 mm

Length - uncapped |  121 mm

Weight | 20 g

Made in Germany

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KAWECO Special Fountain Pen Black

KAWECO Special Fountain Pen Black

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