LOCLEN Electa Brass Fountain Pen

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Loclen produces high quality writing instruments distinguished by having a different and innovative design, aimed to satisfy anyone who loves writing and enjoys the feeling of holding a nice object.

The main idea of a brand is "Where is passion there is quality and innovation", and this is the main reason that gives their writting instruments a superior value.

Loclen writting isntruments are made of three metals: brass, titanum and chrome, and each pen is designed and hand crafted in the laboratory not far from Venice in Northern Italy.

Electa fountain pen is the first fountain pen ever to follow this design, it will set the trend for future pens.

It has an unique design that allows you to refill the pen from the barrel and to check constantly the ink level.

Electa is also the first fountain pen adopting the vibration absorbing system (VAS), a new innovative feature which guarantees an exceptional writing performance.

Fountain pen available in chrome, raw brass or black finishing.

Nibs are from best known Jowo, Germany, available in EF, F and M size. 

Loclen gives lifetime guarantee for construction and finishing.

Material | Brass

Finishing | Brass

Lenght capped | 122 mm

Lenght uncapped | 115 mm

Diameter | 10 mm

Guarantee | lifetime

Package | Loclen box

Hand made in Italy

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LOCLEN Electa Brass Fountain Pen

LOCLEN Electa Brass Fountain Pen

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