MD Paper Cotton Notebook F0 (blank)

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New MD Paper Cotton notebooks i F size were designed especially for all artistic souls!

MD Notebook Cotton has now been increased from 176 to 200 pages.

The notebook is bigger, so you can use it longer and the more it will come to have a place in your heart.

MD Cotton Paper is highly ink absorbing, due to 20% cotton content paper, and because of that it is just perfect for writing with pencil.

F size refers to French standards for oil paintings canvas, on which 19th century european painters created their pieces of arts.

MD notebooks is sewn, bound in a creamy cover made of thin, but durable cardboard, and the spine is reinforced with a muslin mesh to which an satin bookmark is attached.

Such solution makes that the notebook will always open flat anywhere you want.

Material | Paper

Size | F0 (180×140×11mm)

Number of pages | 200

Paper | MD Cotton

Paper Colour | White

Layout | Blank

Made in Japan

New product
12 Items