Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Polar Bear

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The Spiral Ring Notebooks series by Midori / TRAVERLER’S company. These notebooks have 100 sheets of crisp white paper. Inspired by the white fur of polar bears.

Spiral Ring Notebook is a series of notebooks with a beautiful kraft paper cover with the spiral “woven” into the kraft paper cover, available in five types: Camel, Polar Bear, Kangaroo, Elephant and Bee. Each animal’s characteristic is central to the type of paper used.

Spiral Ring Notebook is embossed at the back of the notebook. The Polar Bear edition has a silver coated ring.

Spiral Ring Notebook is part of the Traveler’s Company collection. These are the animals that symbolize the content for this type of notebook:

Camel; the kraft pages pay tribute to the natural habitat of the camel; the desert.
Polar Bear; the crisp white pages pay tribute to the surroundings of the Arctic White.
Kangaroo; as the Kangaroo, the cream pages are folded so that they have a pocket.
Bee; from flower to flower, the 12 envelopes mimic the collective nature of the bee.
Elephant; as a reference to their thick grey skin, the pages of the elephant books are made from thick grey carton.

Available in three sizes:

A5 slim | 218 x 130 mm | opened by longest side

A6 slim | 154 x 95 mm | opened by longest side

B6 | 125 x 88 mm | opened by shorter side

Number of pages | 100

Made in Japan


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Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Polar Bear

Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Polar Bear