Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Polar Bear

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The Spiral Ring Notebooks series by Midori / TRAVERLER’S COMPANY. 

Spiral Ring Notebook is a series of notebooks with a beautiful kraft paper cover with the spiral “woven” into the kraft paper cover, available in five types: Camel, Polar Bear, Kangaroo, Elephant and Bee. Each animal’s characteristic is central to the type of paper used.

Spiral Ring Notebook is embossed at the back of the notebook. 

This is a notebook with as many as 200 pages of white MD Paper, our original paper with the perfect comfortability in writing with a pencil as well as a fountain pen. Carry this notebook and write on it anything coming up to your mind.

The Polar Bear edition has a silver coated ring.

Available in three sizes:

A5 slim | 218 x 130 mm | opened by longest side

A6 slim | 154 x 95 mm | opened by longest side

B6 | 125 x 88 mm | opened by shorter side

Number of pages | 100

Made in Japan

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Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Polar Bear

Midori Spiral Ring Notebook Polar Bear

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