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It is hard to believe that the history of Diamond Memo Notebook stretches back to 1961. This classic notebooks with characteristic wire bound have its worldwide enthusiasts. They value this notebook because of Japanese, but also because of MD paper perfect quality.

Timeless design with quality mark of Midori it is a guarantee of satisfaction. This notebooks are never out of fashion, what is more they are light, so you can take them with you even for the longest journey. A waterproof cover will protect your notebook from destroying.

Black Series are notebooks available in three different sizes with 40, lined pages. The charm is added by green clolour, that perfectly suits to the dark red cover.

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Size | Available in three sizes:

S | 5,9 cm x 10,5 cm

M | 7,6 cm x 12 cm

L | 8,5 cm x 14 cm

Inside | Lines

Number of pages | 40

Made in Japan

New product
0 Items