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Compact, sharp, comfortable, full-fledged portable scissors with various functions appeared. From everyday use to DIY and outdoor, it is a convenient item combining durable and multi-function that also withstands hard use.

Handle of "portable multi-scissors" adopts durable, hand-like material blended with PP fiber in PP resin.

The inner part of the handle that the fingers hit when using it is sticking to the inclination of the curve, it is designed to be easy to grasp and not slip.

Also, by flattening the outer side of the handle, when cutting a hard one, it is also characteristic that it is easier to apply force with the other hand.

In addition to the two-stage blade pursuing the sharpness, the blade can cut firmly from the root to the cutting edge by setting a curve shape on one blade.

With a blade with a thickness of 3 mm (*), shreds of thick paper and credit cards are also possible.

The body has a convenient hook hole for portability and storage
If you use a wire cutter at the root of the blade, you can cut it to an iron wire with a diameter of 1.2 mm and a copper wire with a diameter of 1.6 mm.

The Giza blade on the side of the blade can be used as a corrugated cardboard opener that can easily cut gummed tape or film tape with cardboard closed. It is a convenient function when unpacking.

Since it is with a cap, it is safe when carrying. Also, in order to make the blade less rusty, the cap has a drain hole.

Available in two colors: black and khaki

Size | 159×78.5×15mm

Material |Polypropylen  | Stainless steal

Made in Japan

New product
1 Items