OCTAEVO Philosophy Collection Notes

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OCTAEVO Philosophy Collection Notes are the tribute to the great philosophers - Aristotle, Diogenes and Epicurus. 

Each of notes have printed a single poetic thought in gold. 

In one set you can find three notes of passport size in three different cover colors. 

Each of notes have 52 pages of lined, dotted and plain pages with basis weight of 150g/m2.

Notes have saddle stitched spine and rounded edges. 

Handy and durable, perfect for original minds with limitless imagination. 

Size | 90x134 mm

Material | Paper

Numer of pages | 52 g

Basis weight | 150 g/m2

Layout | Plain, Lined, Dotted

Cover | Linen

Spine | Stitched

Package quantity | 3 pcs

Made in Spain

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OCTAEVO Philosophy Collection Notes

OCTAEVO Philosophy Collection Notes

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