OHTO Horizon Gel Pen

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OHTO Horizon quickly became one of the favourites pens used for daily writing!

Entirely made of aluminum, OHTO Horizon is very durable and functional.

Hexagonal barrel and thin ended refill known as Needle Point makes that the pen perfectly fits in your hand and provides you with smooth writing experience.

OHTO Horizon Gel Pen has a black, 0,5 mm thick gel refill OHTO PG-105 NP, that is used in OHTO Rays pens.

Available in four colours with matte finishing.

Material | Aluminum

Measurement | 140 mm

Refill | OHTO PG-105 NP

Refill thickness | 0,5 mm

Refill colour | Black

Made in Japan

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OHTO Horizon Gel Pen

OHTO Horizon Gel Pen

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