Pilot Parallel Pen 1.5 mm

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Innovative calligraphy pen Pilot Parallel Pen draws a line of the width of 1.5 mm.

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A calligraphy pen manufactured by Pilot is dedicated for begginers as well as advanced enthusiasts of calligraphy art.

The pen has an unoque nib, made of two parallel adjusted plates.

This solution makes that the pen has a constant flow of the ink and does not stop during writing. What is more, we can write with it in two positions - using the thicker edge, and as a result the pen writes a line of 1.3 mm or with the thiner edge and the writen line will have the width of 0.5 mm.

The barrel was made of durable plastic.

In one set we will find dwo replaceable cartridges in black and red colour.

The pen is supplied with Pilot cartridges.

Material | Plastic

Dimensions | 12x160 mm

Made in Japan

New product
1 Item

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