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Travel Tools Collection is a special edition that includes refills and accessories for Traveler's Notebooks!

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Travel Tools Collection is a limited edition for 2020 that was designed especially for overseas enthusiasts of Traveler's Notebook, that is why this collection is not available on Japan market.

The collection includes masking tape, brass ballpoint pen, brass charm, blank refills, letterpress stickers and letterpress cards.

The theme of the collection is travel, and everything what relates to it.

Travel Tools Collection Brass Ballpoint Pen is made from brass in 100%.

The cap was coated with light blue lacquer with theme imprints in white.

The Brass Ballpoint Pen has a replaceable refills from Traveler's Company, which are very thin and provides pleasant writing experience.

Material | Brass

Size | 145 x 37 x 22 mm

Made in Japan



New product
42 Items

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