Traveler's Notebook 2019 - Weekly Vertical

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Traveler's Notebook with 2019 monthly diary refill!

Owning Traveler's is something more than purchase a regular notebook.

The unusual feature of Traveler's Notebook is 2 mm thick, raw leather cover, handcrafted by local maesters in Chiang Mai in Thailand. Each time when you open the cover it will change. Day by day, journey by journey, the raw leather will gain experience and grow in character. 

A phenomenal thing is the fact, that there is a lot of different accessories and refills that can help you to brighten and customize your Traveler’s.

No more seeking for suitable notebook, you can create it by yourself!

In the package you can find:

- Midori Traveler's Notebook Leather Cover

- Weekly vertical calendar for 2019

- Stickers

- Cotton Case for the Notebook

- Spare Rubber Bands

In weekly vertical refill you can find annual calendar for the year 2019 and 2020, the monthly calendar in a vertical layout, in which the two sides are four months, and weekly calendar vertical.

In one set you can find two refills, divided into six months, each has 68 pages and stickers.

Available in four cover colours: black, brown, blue and camel.

Cover | Leather

Size | 120 x 220 mm

Calendar | Monthly schedule

Number of pages | 2x68

Made in Japan

Learn more about Traveler's Notebook diaries from our review here.

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Traveler's Notebook 2019 - Weekly Vertical

Traveler's Notebook 2019 - Weekly Vertical

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