Whitelines WL104 A4 Dotted

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Whitelines notebooks are unique. They were created to take care of all your ideas.

Whitelines paper has grey colour, which reduces strain on the eye and supports reading and writing experience. Both for the eye and the brain.

Whitelines App brings your notes to the digital world; thus, you can scan your work and save it for later or share it with others.

At the back you can find hard paper cover ensuring the comfort of writing, even if you hold it with one hand.

Whitelines WL104 notebook contains dotted 60 sheets bounded with spiral.

Size | A4

Dimesions | 297x210 mm

Inlay | Dotted

Spine | Spiral Bound

Number of sheets | 60

Colour of paper | Grey

Made in Poland

You need the Whitelines Link app in order to make the magic to happen. Get in on Google Play (link) or Apple Store (link).

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Whitelines WL104 A4 Dotted

Whitelines WL104 A4 Dotted

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