Whitelines WL230 Notebook Lines

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Whitelines WL230 is the combination of analog notes and a mobile app.

The basic assumption is that the app and paper must actually "see" each other, and the rest goes automatically. Make sure, that four corner elements will be visible on the screen. Do not move even for a moment, let the app capture a note and then save and share the image with your friends or post it in the way you like.

The back cover contains a pocket, where you can store all important documents.

Size |297x210 mm

Inlay | Lines

Spine | Spiral Bound

Number of pages | 160

Made in Sweden

You need the Whitelines Link app in order to make the magic to happen. Get in on Google Play or Apple Store.

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Whitelines WL230 Notebook Lines

Whitelines WL230 Notebook Lines

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