Page Flags Cognitive Surplus |Math

Reference: PfMath

Page flags to organize and decorate your notes.

Page Flags Cognitive Surplus |Math

Page Flags Cognitive Surplus |Math

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Page flags with in five thematic designs will help you to organize and decorate your notes.

Cognitive Surplus page flags depict unique patterns inspired by sience! The brand is inspired by motifs from the world of science, and it's goal is to inspire further discovery.  

Page flags come on a handy cardboard box, so they will fit in a pencil case or behind the cover of a planner.

There are as many as 250 page flags in one set - 50 of each design!

Cognitive Surplus creates sustainable products. The paper used for the stickers was obtained from recycled sources, and the packaging is fully compostable. 

Material | Recycled paper

Sticker dimensions | 15×50mm

Quantity per package | 250 pieces

Designed in the state of Oregon.

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