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Washi Tape Cognitive Surplus | Hieroglyphics

Reference: WtHiero

Washi tapes with patterns inspired by the world of science.

Washi Tape Cognitive Surplus | Hieroglyphics

Washi Tape Cognitive Surplus | Hieroglyphics

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Cognitive Surplus Hieroglyphics washi tape depicts the ancient writing of Egypt! The brand is inspired by motifs from the world of science and aims to awaken you to further discovery.  

The washi tape is made from paper and plant fibers. It has a permanent but non-invasive adhesive, so that when you peel off the tape, it won't leave a trace. What's more, you can easily re-stick it to another location.

Washi tapes have many uses. For example, you can use them for scrapbooking, decorating gifts or marking important information.

Cognitive Surplus creates sustainable products. The packaging of the tapes is fully compostable, and the brand is careful to minimize its carbon footprint during production. 

Material | Paper

Width | 15 m

Length | 10 m

Manufactured in China.

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