Craft Design Technology Scissors

Craft Design Technology Scissors

Reference: LIPH1-022S


Steel scissors by Japanese brand Craft Design Technology was made with attention to every detail in Seki City in Gifu Prefecture. They are sharpened for both, right and left-handed users.

Craft Design Technology Scissors

Craft Design Technology Scissors

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Craft Design Technology. Three words and three different worlds. Craft Design Technology decides to mix these three worlds together and designs products that will be unique, beautiful, functional and of the highest quality.

Craft Design Technology scissors are made with attention to every detail. A handle and blade are made from one piece of stainless steel. Steel is brushed, what gives the characteristic effect similar to tiny strands of hair. Due to matt finish, these scissors look very elegant.

These scissors are produced in Seki City in Gifu Prefecture. This area is worldwide known from its craft. In Seki, samurai swords and daggers was made. Although now they produce kitchen knives instead of swords, the traditional skills of craftsmen are passed down from generation to generation.

If you look at the Craft Design Technology scissors, you can see beautiful handicraft and unusual precision.

Craft Design Technology designers undoubtedly manage to create an unique item that is a perfect combination of Japanese quality and diligence.

Available in two colours: black and silver.

Made in Japan


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Two Japanese brands Craft Design Technology and Life Stationery teamed up to create a product that will combine modern design, Japanese tradition and the highest quality.