Hobonichi Today's Adventure Stamp: Outside

Reference: TTT0000N597XX

Stamps for Hobonichi Planners.

Hobonichi Today's Adventure Stamp: Outside

Hobonichi Today's Adventure Stamp: Outside

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Hobonichi Today's Adventure Stamp is a design by children's book author Shinsuke Yoshitake.

"Outside" stamps feature children playing outside and objects that can be found outside. Yellow-green and peach ink pads are included.

You can choose designs that fit your mood, designate a stamp for each member of the family, the possibilities are many and we are only limited by our imagination.

Since the stamps are reusable, use them whenever you want. Especially on days when you don't have plans or special events so you can turn them into your own little adventure

Material | Plastics, synthetic rubber

Dimensions | 107 x 82mm x 35mm

Made in China

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