Kuretake Zig Illustration Set No 4 Inktober 2023

Reference: IKTB-23/4V


Set containing 4 pens and brush pens with tips of different thickness.

Kuretake Zig Illustration Set No 4 Inktober 2023

Kuretake Zig Illustration Set No 4 Inktober 2023

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The Kuretake Inktober 2023 pen and brush pen set was created for an online challenge started by Jake Parker. The challenge is to create one illustration each day of October using only black ink. 

The set includes:

1. ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka 01, contains water-based pigment ink. It will be perfect for drawing, sketching or writing.

2. Fudegokochi, it provides smooth and clear lines thanks to its hard tip. It contains water-based pigment ink

3. Kuretake Quick Dry Fude Pen Koburi "Chuji'', a medium tip brush pen that allows you to create thick as well as thin lines. Contains water-based pigment ink that does not leave streaks. 

4. Zig Clean Color Real Brush, a brush pen with a brush tip made of nylon bristles. Filled with transparent water-based ink. Allows you to write with thin and thick lines.

As well as a pre-printed sheet with illustration (135 x 87mm) and a plain sheet (135 x 87mm).

Quantity in set | 4

Package dimensions | 10 x 19.5 cm

Manufactured in Japan.


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