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Lihit Lab Hinemo Wide Open Pen Pouch | L


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Unusual design, the highest quality and functionality - Lihit Lab Hinemo Wide Open Pen Pouch combines all these features together!

Lihit Lab Hinemo Wide Open Pen Pouch | L

Lihit Lab Hinemo Wide Open Pen Pouch | L

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The Lihit Lab Hinemo is the solution for those who appreciate minimalism, elegance, high quality and practicality

The Hinemo pencil case is made from a canvas called "Fuji Kinabai", which is woven in Japan using carefully selected materials from around the world.

The pencil case opens wide so that all its contents are within easy reach. 

The pencil case can hold up to 30 writing instruments.

The pencil case is fastened with a metal zip, which additionally has a snap fastener. This solution ensures that the pencil box will not unfasten when being carried. 

Available in five colours.

Material | Canvas

Made in Myanmar.

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