Platinum Fountain Pen Century 3776 Chenonceau White

Reference: D4F1-4328FF


Japońskie pióra wieczne z ponad 100 letnią tradycją.

Platinum Fountain Pen Century 3776 Chenonceau White

Platinum Fountain Pen Century 3776 Chenonceau White

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Platinum is a Japanese brand specialising in making unique fountain pens with 100 years tradition based on huge passion to this writing instruments.

The aim of the brand is making fountain pens of the highest quality material, such as resin, ebonite, celluloid, silver, gold or platinum, as well as searching and applying innovatine solutions for even better comphort of writing.

Platinum Century 3776 Chenonceau White is a new edition of this model, which in 2012 won Japanese ISOT - 21st Stationery of the Year 2012 award.

The barell is made of semi-transparent resin in beautiful white colour with golden plated details.

14k gold nib provides with smooth and soft writing experience.

The cap is twisted.

Japanese nibs are thiner than European nibs for about one size.

Jepanese nib in F size draws a line similar to European nib in EF size (0,3 mm).

The fountain pen is supplied wih dedicated Platinum ink cartridges, replaceable with Platinum converter.

The whole is packed in an elegant box.

Material | Ebonite

Dimensions | 139,5 x 15,4 mm

Weight | 24,6 g

Made in Japan

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