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Santoro Pirouettes Greeting Card | Birthday Unicorn

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Santoro Swing Cards are unique, little piece of art, that can also be an ornament.

Santoro Pirouettes Greeting Card | Birthday Unicorn

Santoro Pirouettes Greeting Card | Birthday Unicorn

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Unique folded greeting cards from the British brand Santoro are not only an original gift idea, but also a unique decoration that the recipient of the gift will certainly not forget.

Beautifully illustrated and designed with attention to every detail, Pirouettes greeting cards from Santoro brand is an award-winning series of 3D paper sculptures!

The Pirouettes Birthday Unicorn card unfolds to create a beautiful and colorful illustration . Innovative and imaginative, Santoro Pirouettes is a truly unique gift that is sure to be treasured!

The back of the card has enough space to write your wishes. The card folds flat and fits into the envelope included in the set.

Material | Paper

Dimensions | 14 x 17 x 14 cm

Made in the United Kingdom

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