Take a Note Record Undated Planner | Monthly


Undated monthly calendar created using the world's thinnest paper - Tomoe River.

Take a Note Record Undated Planner | Monthly

Take a Note Record Undated Planner | Monthly

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"The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are."

Freedom is the most important value accompanying the Take a Note project from the very beginning. Using minimalist designs, the Taiwanese brand creates products that are both functional and beautiful to adapt to our needs.

The Record series was created with the bullet journal planning method in mind.

The undated Take a Note monthly calendar includes:

- 12-month calendar,

- 34 pages for notes.

The calendar is made of extremely thin Tomoe River paper, which even the most demanding fountain pen users will appreciate. The paper is printed in a delicate 4 millimeter grid, which will facilitate our planning at the same time without imposing any limits. 

The Take a Note calendar has a sewn spine, so it opens flat. The Lite Series calendars are designed to fit in one hand, and so that we can use them standing up. 

The Take a Note calendar features a minimalist paper cover in burgundy with metallic embossing.

Weight | 68 g/m2

Dimensions | 9.5 x 17 cm

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