Take a Note Weekly Planner | Slim


Minimalist calendar made of extremely thin Tomoe River paper.

Take a Note Weekly Planner | Slim

Take a Note Weekly Planner | Slim

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"The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are."

Freedom is the most important value accompanying the Take a Note project from the very beginning. Using minimalist designs, the Taiwanese brand creates products that are both functional and beautiful to adapt to our needs.

Take a Note weekly calendar in Slim format includes:

-undated, vertical monthly calendar that covers 12 months,

-undated, weekly calendar that covers 6 months. 

The weekly schedule covers four pages, with two days on each page. Each day has a vertical timeline covering the hours from 5 to 24.

The calendar was made of extremely thin Tomoe River paper, which even the most demanding fountain pen users will appreciate. The paper has been printed in a delicate 3.5 millimeter grid, which will make it easier for us to plan at the same time without imposing any framework. 

The Take a Note calendar has a sewn spine, so it opens flat.

The Take a Note calendar features a minimalist paper cover in gray with metallic embossing.

Weight | 68 g/m2

Number of pages | 112

Dimensions | 11 x 21cm

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