Wearingeul Literature Ink: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "Faust"


Unique inks from Korean brand Wearingeul.


Wearingeul is a Korean that re-interprets novels and poetry with colors.

Their magical range of ink colors includes references to the world's favorite masterpieces, fairy tales and legends, making the story of your favorite characters come alive again with the help of a pen!

Each ink color represents the main idea of the story, accurately capturing its atmosphere and emotions.

The Faust shade seduces with its mystery and enigma and brings to mind the tempting Mephistopheles.

The colors feature excellent shading, flow and visibility.

Wearingeul inks are perfect for writing and drawing with fountain pens, machets, and glass pens, both for beginners and experts.

Aesthetically pleasing, the glass bottle holds 30ml of ink.

Material | Glass

Capacity | 30 ml

Made in Korea

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