Greeting Card Bomo Art | Le Tricolor Ballon

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Bomo Art combines in their products bookbounding craftmenship, beautiful desing and the highest quality!

Greeting Card Bomo Art | Le Tricolor Ballon

Greeting Card Bomo Art | Le Tricolor Ballon

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Under the name Bomo Art Budapest is a group of talented enthusiasts who focus on one goal every day - to stimulate in us the desire to create, through beautiful, sophisticated and high-quality Bomo Art products.

Bomo Art cards were created with attention to every detail, using traditional bookbinding techniques and exclusively plant-based materials.

The cover of the card features the Le Tricolor balloon of the Académie Royale des Sciences society.

Inside, the card does not immediately contain printed wishes, leaving us free to create those of our own, unique and unrepeatable.

Each Bomo Art card comes with an envelope.

Material | Paper

Dimensions | 175 x 126 mm

Handmade in Budapest.

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