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MD Paper Set of Notebooks Light A5 | Grid | A

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A refreshed edition of MD Paper notebooks by Midori.

MD Paper Set of Notebooks Light A5 | Grid | A

MD Paper Set of Notebooks Light A5 | Grid | A

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The refreshed edition has a new simplified label, a harder cover, thicker edge stitching, and the color of the index stickers has been changed from white to cream.  

So that you can note down these inspirations, anytime, anywhere, we have created the slender and lightweight “MD Notebook Light.”

MD Notebook Light set consists of three notebooks, each with 48 pages.

Just like “MD Notebook,” “MD Notebook Light” is available in four sizes. From the small and handy A6 and B6 Slim sizes, to A5 size that can be carried as a set with a pocketbook or tablet, and A4 size, the standard notebook size.

All of these products are a familiar size, that will feel comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Every person will use a notebook in a different way. Some people draw pictures, others take notes of ideas that spring to mind, and others amass information, together with diagrams and figures.

We have prepared products with blank, ruled lines and grid line inner pages, so that you can choose the notebook that suits your needs and preferences best.

An index performs the essential role of classifying your records, according to different themes.

By customizing the index stickers that are provided with “MD Notebook Light,” not only can you instantly see what each notebook contains, you can also transform each notebook into an original chapter of an entire anthology.

Paper | MD | Grid

Numer of pages | 48

Size | A5

Cover | Paper

Made in Japan

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