Antibacterial Ceramic OHTO Cutter

Reference: CP-3

OHTO ceramic paper knife is a must have in our pencil case!

Antibacterial Ceramic OHTO Cutter

Antibacterial Ceramic OHTO Cutter

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OHTO antibacterial ceramic knife in silver and white packaging is a product that will be perfect not only for adults, but also for children.

Due to the fact that the blade is only slightly protruding, there is less chance of cuts.

It is very light and handy, so we can easily take it everywhere with us.

The perfect tool for cutting out newspapers or magazines, as well as opening letters or foil bags.

It has over 5 times more abrasion resistance than metal blades and will not rust even when wet by water.

Weight | 6.1 g

Size | 135x10mm

Made in Japan

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