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Traveler's Notebook | Black

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A companion in life-long journey? Yes! You have just discovered Traveler’s Notebook!

Traveler's Notebook | Black

Traveler's Notebook | Black

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A companion in life-long journey? Yes! You have just discovered Traveler’s Notebook!

The unusual feature of Traveler's Notebook is 2 mm thick, raw leather cover, handcrafted by local masters in Chiang Mai in Thailand. Each time when you open the cover, it will change. Day by day, journey by journey, the raw leather will gain experience and grow in character. After unpacking you may see a thin layer of dust. This is natural fat from untreated leather, the evidence of its rawness. Use a soft cloth to wipe the cover.

Made from perfect leather beautifully ages over time, and becomes patina.

If you want to be surrounded with beauty, simplicity and minimalism in the same time, choose Midori Traveler’s Notebook - it meets all requirements mentioned above.

Perfect paper – almost each of refills enabling you to write with fountain pen without imprinting.

Concern of the notebook by polishing and maintenance makes that it will accompany for many years.

A phenomenal thing is the fact, that there is a lot of different accessories and refills that can help you to brighten and customize your Traveler’s.

No more seeking for suitable notebook, you can create it by yourself!

Inside the packing you will find:

- Midori Traveler's Notebook Leather Cover

- Plain Notebook refill

- Cotton Case for the Notebook

- Spare Rubber Bands


Size 210 x 110 mm

Inside Plain

Number of sheets 64

Made in Japan

In stock 7 Items

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This refill is an absolute MUST HAVE, because it turn your notebook into gadget when you can keep your money, tickets and other precious items.