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Blackwing Pencil Essentials Set

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Pencil Essentials Set is the perfect set to get started with Blackwing and try out all the pencils!

Blackwing Pencil Essentials Set

Blackwing Pencil Essentials Set

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The Blackwing Essentials Set is the perfect introduction to Blackwing brand pencils and accessories. 

The set includes:

- 4 Blackwing pencils of different hardness levels: Matte, Natural, Pearl and 602.

- 1 Blackwing One-Step Long Point sharpener, which creates a long, tip that resists breakage

- 1 Blackwing Point Guard pencil plug, which protects pencil tips in your bag or when traveling.

The set is packaged in an elegant black box.

Dimensions | 275 x 80 mm

Made in Japan

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