Brush Pen Kuratake Bimoji

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Kuretake is a Japanese brand dealing with high quality pens, markers and ink sutable for both professional artists and amateur hobbyists.

"Bimoji" is the Japanese name for beautifully written Asian characters.

This brush pen features a comfortable, easy-to-hold rubber grip to help you practice your "bimoji", creating the delicate sweeps and tapers that characterise proper Asian writing.

Its felt tip is durable and resilient, so your pen strokes will always come out exactly as intended.

It uses water-based pigment ink, which is water-resistant once dry.

Use it for lettering cards, illustrations, personal notes, and more.

Dimensions | 16.6 cm

Material | Plastic

Tip | Felt

Ink | Water-based

Made in Japan

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Brush Pen Kuratake Bimoji

Brush Pen Kuratake Bimoji

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